The 'Sheds'


'Shed For Brains' shortened to 'The Sheds', was a recording project undertaken by (left to right) Tony Thornton, Kelvin Fleming (me) and Paul Gadsby in about 2004 - 2005. The idea was, to get together and record spontaneous snippets and ideas, and "turn them into something" using loops and then overdubbing. In other words, a modern recording project which none of us had really done before. Although it didn't quite turn out like that, what came out of it was good stuff. We did record a prodigious amount of stuff - all done on a Yamaha MD-4 minidisc 4 track recorder. As we accumulated base tracks, I dumped them on my trusty old 800 MHz Pentium III at home with my Delta 66 card. Being the 'Nutty Professor' I took the reins of the technical production side of it I suppose. I was doing this as we went along.


The project took hundreds of hours at the computer editing, turning what tracks we could into usable backing tracks.

Most of the tracks ended up as instrumentals; both mood pieces and straight ahead guitar type ones. We finished a couple of vocal tracks at Tony's place to add to the humour. Paul also came to my house to add some Hammond organ sounds to a few tracks, and I even dubbed a Rolf Harris 'Stylaphone' on 'Happy Camp'. I think we all agreed in hindsight that the result was pretty damn good considering the resources at our disposal. A good example of the truth that good recordings are largely the product of creativity rather than technology.


Cover design by Tony Thornton.
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